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no upload from NOV 1- GOOGLE GROUPS

Hello there, this is a latest announcement from google groups blog

and is as follows


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Changing background of the image

Hello there, in thsi post im gonna explain how to place an image of yours to another background with few easy steps..

follow the screen shots and try it out

1 open your image that u want to modify and take the magnetic lasso tool from the tool box

select your image using that tool

go to edit and select copy and then again go to edit and select paste

note that your selected image will be separated as a separate layer

open the background image that you want to use and go to select menu->select then to edit->copy

paste the new image in the document that you already separated your image

note that the new image you pasted will be on top of the separated image and the old background image.

use the mouse drag the new image layer and put it under the separated image layer

and this must be your result.

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Icloud-The cloud operations system for all

The ICLOUD-A brave attempt to produce a opensource web application that gives a desktop feel…


ICLOUD gives you a free desktop with out having one installed…

you can store files,photos,manage contacts , and more…

sign up to icloud and experience the power of cloud computing….

to signup in it visit

Sign up by clicking the “FREE SIGNUP NOW”

Give your desired USERNAME,firstname,lastname,your gender,your password and your e-mail id..and sign up


The login page for the icloud will appear and type your username and password that you gave during the registration

After logging in,the necessary components will get loaded and until then you get ready to see the webbased clous operating system on your browser…

Then the desktop appears

And there it is,a desktop as similar to yours…..

Various options are fulfilled by ICLOUD,,they give a mail box,a customised browser,a side bar,taskbar,and so on..

The latest technology on your screens…

These are the screenshots of various modules






And more….

Try it then u ll like it…

Its like having our desktop where ever we go…..

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SLAX-A fast linux operating system


Slax is a live-CD that can turn any PC into a Linux box without installing anything onto the hard-drive. It’s a scaled down version of Slackware.

You can get the slax from these links,either as an ISO image or as a RAR(any zip format as u wish) file..


slax can be either operated froma  cd or from a USb device…


There are some modules of slax are been available with its various categories..

click here to see the modules of slax….


For more details about slax..visit the slax webpage

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Hello there,,in this post im gonna tell how to sped up your pc so that u can reach its maximum performance!

Keep your anti virus updated…

Try to keep your antivirus software updates to current settings..,many anti virus softwares are coming up to be free feel free to download them and use it…

Remove unwanted startup programs..

Go to start->run->and type “msconfig”

There go to the startup tab and uncheck the unwanted user programs(be sure that u don’t uncheck any system programs) click apply and select ok and restart your system..


perform defragmentation atleast twice a month….

Open my computer and right click on any of the drives…

go to properties->tools tab->defragmentation.

the above window will be opened…

select any drive and start defragmentation…

NOTE:while defragmentation,close all your programs and folders,leave the system free so that it will process correctly..


Temporary files

Delete your temporary files daily…

go to START->RUN->type %temp% and click ok

press CTRL+A in the window and press SHIFT+DELETE KEY

Keep Desktop clean

keep your desktop clean..

Remove all the application shortcuts icons from your desktop…

since it takes up memory to load up things in the desktop ,it may take time..

just click that icon and press SHIFT+DELETE.

Don’t worry your application is still present in the start menu..

keep just the recycle bin and my computer icons in the desktop…


For suggestions kindly mail to

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3D TV-The next level of television

The 3rd dimension has invaded the consumer tech market almost like it was planned by some army general, with 3D glasses on. This CES saw brands big and small jumping on the bandwagon, some offering source material in the form of Blu-rays, some offering recording material in the form of 3D camcorders and of course the HDTVs. All biggies came out with their flagship range sporting 3D support.

So what does 3D mean again? Simply put it adds the 3rd dimension missing in video watching, and that is depth. How does it do that? Well the human eye does most of the work. All the playback technology has to do is provide different images to each eye. That means double the refresh rate, and the aid of the shutter glasses, which sync with the TV, and then alternately shut off and on their lens, to coordinate each eyeball receiving the appropriate image. The minimum refresh rate required is 120 Hz, and of course the 3D glasses and transmitters are required. With these accessories, TVs can offer 3D. So lets check out which major brands came out with what.

Sony announced plans to “accelerate initiatives to deliver an array of 3D entertainment for the home in 2010, leveraging all its diverse business assets to create a 3D world encompassing electronics and games, to movie content.” As for products unveiled, we have the LX900 series which include 3D functionality and also Wi-Fi, Internet Video, USB and DLNA photo/music/video playback, four HDMI 1.4 inputs and now my head is spinning. As for PS3 owners, this quote from Sony seems mighty interesting ” For PlayStation3: All PlayStation3 units will become available to play 3D stereoscopic games through a firmware update, scheduled to be available in summer of 2010 (previously announced on November 19th, 2009). Playback of 3D content on “Blu-ray” discs will also be possible by upgrading PlayStation3 with a further firmware update.”

Panasonic dropped some bombs too. It developed the world’s largest 152-inch Full HD 3D Plasma Display. It features a new plasma display panel (PDP) developed with its quadruple luminous efficiencytechnology. The technology enhances PDP’s unique advantages as self-illuminating device, and yes, the 152-inch monster creates a true Full HD 3D world by faithfully reproducing 3D content such as Hollywood 3D movie titles. By employing the newly-developed ultra high-speed 3D drive technology, which adopts the super-efficient quadruple luminous efficiency technology, the new panel achieves a higher illuminating speed, about one fourth the speed of conventional Full HD panels. Thistechnology enables Full HD 3D display on the 152-inch 4K x 2K (4,096 x 2,160 pixels) panel. And yes, Panasonic also released a 3D Full HD camcorder, mainly for the “pro market” though.

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photoshop-quick edit

hi in this post om gonna explain how to edit your photo in to a vector art

import the photo you needed to edit in photoshop

press CTRL+a to select the full photo

then press ctrl+c to copy the full photo

press ctrl+w to close the opened

ctrl+n to open a new document and press ok with necessary document size

now press ctrl+v to paste the document

now click the eliptical marquee from the tools tab

and make a selection according to your wish.

now press ctrl+shift+i to inverse the selection

press the paint bucket tool and select the color you wanted…

now by the photo layer selected press alt+delete key to paint the photo

after this press ctrl+d to deselect the selection

now save the document to the format you wanted…

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