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Hack video for the week

Its the Weekend show off and im here to show you some of the real time hacking made by MAX,

Check out these videos and have fun










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Conver to PDF For free


A lot of free pdf conversion tools are available in the open web out there. But sometimes we need to make conversions on the go .

This site provides a way to convert files to pdf format

In the site’s home page two frames requests the user to provide their filename, which can be browsed and uploaded and the next frame to send the converted pdf file to a specified mail id.

They also provide a desktop tool to convert files to pdf format.

Take a look at the site at

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Simple Image Compression Using WINDOWS PAINT

The most simplest image compression technique present in windows can be achieved without installing any third party tools…

Its the PAINT application in Windows,

Here  is how to do it…

1)open any high quality image and see its view before the compression by opening in it the “WINDOWS PICTURE AND FAX VIEWER”

2)Note the size of the image is now 832 KB…rightclick on that image and open it with paint..

3)Dont make any changes in it,just go to file->save as..

4)From the save as dialog box, save the picture in a location with the JPEG format and click save.

5)Now go to the location where the picture is saved and see its size.It is reduced to almost a 700 kb.

6)Here right click the picture and open it with the windows picture and fax viewer…

7)at the bottom click the ACTUAL Size button, and u will find its clarity still present without and dataloss in the picture,but with a compressed file size.

8)If you want to send mails with a pictures attached and if they have more file size,do like the one above and send.

Now sending mail will be more easy with picture attachments 🙂

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Changing the text in a document

select the file that u want to modify and open it in photosho….

select the stamp tool from the tool box….


set the diameter and the hardness of the brush for the stamp tool….

3press ALT and click ina source u want to copy from…..


release the ALT key and start brushing the text that u want to modify…..

5select the text tool from the tool box…

6replace the text by matching the same color and type the text…..


and save it in a required format……….


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G-mail password recovery!

Hi every 1 over there!


few days back,in orkut theres been a link named orkut 09!!!!…

if u click it it will be same as orkut but it is not!!.wat they do is that they take your password from which u enter in to the text will normally logon to orkut so that u will think that it is same as orkut!!!…

but, after as few minutes they change your password and u will not be able to login to your account that is related and with all google products also!

this is the page that will be displayed as ORKUT 2009!


this is a fake one!!!!!


so to retrieve or reset your password follow the instructions!


1.visit this link to fill up the form given here!!!



2.Fill up the current e-mail address that u are using other that the one which u forgot ur password


3.specify whtr u use gmail with that account that u lost!an all those details…


4.if u remember the date of your account creation atleast give the approximate year when u created it!



5.Then type in your last password that u remember and click submit.!!!!


the secondary that u have specified will be intimated with a link to you and after you click that link thaey again send u the reset page!!!….


type new password and reset your password…u will get your account back!

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