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Conver to PDF For free


A lot of free pdf conversion tools are available in the open web out there. But sometimes we need to make conversions on the go .

This site provides a way to convert files to pdf format

In the site’s home page two frames requests the user to provide their filename, which can be browsed and uploaded and the next frame to send the converted pdf file to a specified mail id.

They also provide a desktop tool to convert files to pdf format.

Take a look at the site at


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Open web mail-Access your mail from a common domain place other than the own domain address(,

just open your browser and type

This is the home page of the

At the left top you ll find the frame where it allows to type the mail id and the mail password

For example is ur gmail address and 123 is the gmail password type it will open your mailbox right here.

as normal u can send delete and view your mails..

This is the logout screen of mail2web…

Happy open mailing ……..


Ubuntu step by step installation

Ubuntu 9.04 i.e Jaunty is the newest Ubuntu stable version and i am going to discuss here how to install ubuntu Jaunty desktop with step by step procedure.I hope this will help some ubuntu users to install ubuntu Jaunty in their machines,laptops, etc.

First thing is you need to download ubuntu jaunty .iso image from hereonce you have the .iso image you need to create a bootable CD from this and you need to boot your machine using this CD.

Once It starts booting from CD you should see similar to the following screen here select your language and press enter


Here you need to select “Install ubuntu” option and press enter


Ubuntu jaunty installation loading in progress



Select your language for ubuntu installation click on forward


Select your region and city.In this example i am using Europe region,London city and click on forward.


Select your keyboad layout in this example i am using united kingdom and click on forward


Now you can See the following screen with the disks available in your machine here you need to create partitions in this example you can see the 8GB of space for this installation here i am going create a single partition,if you want to create manually use the other option you need to click on forward.

Note:- this is only example partition.In your installation you have to choose specify partitions manually and swap partition should assigned8

Next you need to create User name, password and computer name you can also choose if you want to login automatically or not


If you enter weak password you should see similar to the following screen


List of information available for installation here you need to click on install to start the installation.


If you want to see advanced option screen in the above step as follows



Partitions formatting in progress


Installing ubuntu jaunty system in progress


Installation Completed Succesfully and you need to restart the system by clicking “Restart Now”


        Once it boots you should see similar to the following screen to login



Conclusion :- The ubuntu jaunty installation process was much improved compared to old versions and i hope first time users feel very easy to install.



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Phone explorer n Backup

Phone explorer



The phone explorer is a free tool kit for your phone to view your contents of your phone,to transfer files from your PC,music videos and more……

if you are buying a new phone and you want your contacts from your old phone to have a backup!this is the right software that can do the correct work!…

you can make a backup of it and can restore when u need it!!!


make a download from the following link:




these are some of the screen shots of the software!




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Screen Hunter

SCREEN HUNTER-A screen capture software!                              




Download the free screen hunter fron the following link!

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