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Hack video for the week

Its the Weekend show off and im here to show you some of the real time hacking made by MAX,

Check out these videos and have fun










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Conver to PDF For free


A lot of free pdf conversion tools are available in the open web out there. But sometimes we need to make conversions on the go .

This site provides a way to convert files to pdf format

In the site’s home page two frames requests the user to provide their filename, which can be browsed and uploaded and the next frame to send the converted pdf file to a specified mail id.

They also provide a desktop tool to convert files to pdf format.

Take a look at the site at

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Open web mail-Access your mail from a common domain place other than the own domain address(,

just open your browser and type

This is the home page of the

At the left top you ll find the frame where it allows to type the mail id and the mail password

For example is ur gmail address and 123 is the gmail password type it will open your mailbox right here.

as normal u can send delete and view your mails..

This is the logout screen of mail2web…

Happy open mailing ……..


Rss…how to subscribe to an rss feed

How to subscribe for an RSS feed

what is rss?

RSS, also know as Rich Site Summary, is an XML format for distributing news headlines on the Web, also known as syndication. …

for more details about how rss works view this video 

Steps to subscribe for a rss feed 

1.Visit the your favorite website, and look for the rss icon .                         



A rss icon looks like the following…


2. when you find the rss icon right click on it and save its link by “copy link address” or “copy shortcut” differs to all           browsers…


3.   After you copy the link’s shortcut you go to google reader …. you can go to google reader by two ways..

     *By signing into gmail and then at the top there will be alink named “Reader”..


    * or by loggin in to straightly at (or) type “” in the address bar in your                 browser.sign in with your google account.

4. The reader page will be opened..and the page looks like this ….


5. At the left top corner there will be a button named “ADD A  SUBSCRIPTION” and click that button .


    inside the text box paste the link that you copied from your favorite website…and click the add button.. 


6.  Now you are subscribed to the feed..


.and they updates will be intimated to you and u can read it..


the feature of rss is dont need to search for updates by going to that websites….

when they automatically update contents in their websites they will be  reditrected to you..

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G-mail password recovery!

Hi every 1 over there!


few days back,in orkut theres been a link named orkut 09!!!!…

if u click it it will be same as orkut but it is not!!.wat they do is that they take your password from which u enter in to the text will normally logon to orkut so that u will think that it is same as orkut!!!…

but, after as few minutes they change your password and u will not be able to login to your account that is related and with all google products also!

this is the page that will be displayed as ORKUT 2009!


this is a fake one!!!!!


so to retrieve or reset your password follow the instructions!


1.visit this link to fill up the form given here!!!



2.Fill up the current e-mail address that u are using other that the one which u forgot ur password


3.specify whtr u use gmail with that account that u lost!an all those details…


4.if u remember the date of your account creation atleast give the approximate year when u created it!



5.Then type in your last password that u remember and click submit.!!!!


the secondary that u have specified will be intimated with a link to you and after you click that link thaey again send u the reset page!!!….


type new password and reset your password…u will get your account back!

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saving flash objects or games can be achieved only by using mozilla!

1. Find the page with the content you want to download. If you are on a site using frames, make sure you are in the right frame.


2. Right-click on blank area in the page. Do not click on the presentation, links, text, or images.


3. Choose “View Page Info”. This will bring up a  slightly confusing box, with 5 tabs at the top.


4. Choose the “Media” tab. You will see a list at the top with all embedded content on the page. This includes images, audio, flash, etc. 




5. Scroll through the list until you find an “Embed” type file. When you find the gamefile, choose “Save As…” and save it to your hard drive.



If there is more than 1 embed file, then look at the URL, and the discription. Sometimes the page will have one or two flash banner advertisements. You can usually detect these from the URL of the object, often including, etc etc. If you cannot tell from the URL or the description of the object, then you can just download both, and test them out.

You will probably be tempted to jump to right after reading this, and downloading your favourite game. That is fine, but make sure you read tomorrow’s article on internet games’ effects on productivity.

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Speed Checker


Although there are more internet speed testers,“””” has an good speed checker with a flash component…


These are some of the screen shots..


Checks your nearest host server for you……..



Starts pinging from your system to check the no of packets sent and received…….





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