Simple Image Compression Using WINDOWS PAINT

The most simplest image compression technique present in windows can be achieved without installing any third party tools…

Its the PAINT application in Windows,

Here  is how to do it…

1)open any high quality image and see its view before the compression by opening in it the “WINDOWS PICTURE AND FAX VIEWER”

2)Note the size of the image is now 832 KB…rightclick on that image and open it with paint..

3)Dont make any changes in it,just go to file->save as..

4)From the save as dialog box, save the picture in a location with the JPEG format and click save.

5)Now go to the location where the picture is saved and see its size.It is reduced to almost a 700 kb.

6)Here right click the picture and open it with the windows picture and fax viewer…

7)at the bottom click the ACTUAL Size button, and u will find its clarity still present without and dataloss in the picture,but with a compressed file size.

8)If you want to send mails with a pictures attached and if they have more file size,do like the one above and send.

Now sending mail will be more easy with picture attachments 🙂

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